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Autumn Equinox in Libra

Autumn Equinox is the first day of Autumn or the Fall when the days start to become shorter than nights as the Sun rises later and the nightfall comes later.

It is the season of change as so do we. A time of re-balance during the sign of Libra. A perfect time to check in with yourself and also a reflection around our personal relationships. Be aware of how you are with others. To show kindness and be aware of your behaviour with them. If things in life with others are going well, that’s great! But if things are not going so well with others, then this is an opportunity to change, just as the leaves change their colours and fall off. Or maybe time for a change in yourself? To let go of what you no longer hold onto? Just know that you can find your own path.

When you let go of what is suffocating, restricting or dragging you, even though it may be the most difficult thing for you to do, you will set yourself free. Just like the leaves fall off the beautiful autumnal trees, you too can shed as well. The leaves fall off and die, and then start again and to be reborn.

Give time to yourself. Love yourself. Give regular breaks to yourself – even when you are at work. Time to slow down. Time to live the life the way you want now. Accept who you truly are. The more time you are kind to yourself, you will grow stronger, more fearless and calmer. You will find that you no longer fear to fit in with others but walk the path that beats your own drum.

Autumn is one of my favourite time of the year that brings wonderful holidays including Halloween, pumpkins, my Wedding Anniversary and birthday, the lead to Christmas which I find is better than the day itself.

Enjoy these Autumn days! All my Love, Sue x

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