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Angel Soul Divine Healing

"Angelic signs are serendipitous catalysts to connect people here and from across the world to a greater good." - Robert Chaen

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Angel Soul Divine Healing that brings freedom and transformation. The healing process helps to assist you in balancing the energetic system, and to release blocks within our cellular structure.

The Angels are powerful celestial beings of illumination, light and love, that help to assist us with our Soul and help our healing process.

Sue has a wealth of knowledge with healing, which she has been practising since 2007. She has helped many people over the years including herself by working with the Soul, Angels and the Sacred Geometric system with crystals in the healing process. This helps to bring balance by clearing toxins, releasing dense energy, and brings relaxation and so much more. The Angels help to assist with gentle but very powerful healing.


One to one healing session

60 mins - £40

Learn How To

Course – includes a manual, meditations (in person or online)


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