Mediumship Reading

with Sue

A mediumship reading on a 1-2-1 private sitting is a personal choice for yourself to connect with loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. Sue provides comfort, healing and evidence that there is an afterlife and that the soul lives on in the spirit world. When the person has passed on it is just a transition into a different time and place.


The link from the other side is a wonderful thing as it provides comfort and ease of mind for people receiving the reading. It does help the person with their direction and to help people move on from this time of grief with a much more positive outlook.


30 minutes – £45 with CD recording

60 minutes – £60 with CD recording

**Due to this period of uncertainty, I will be charging a heavily discounted price of £15 for 30 minutes until further notice. ALL readings will be done online via any platform you wish. E.g – Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc**