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Readings with Sue

Mediumship Reading


A Mediumship Reading on a 1-2-1 private sitting is a personal choice for yourself to connect with loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. Sue provides comfort, healing and evidence that there is an afterlife and how the soul lives on in the spirit world. The link from the other side is a wonderful thing as it provides comfort and ease of mind for people receiving the reading. 

Soul Reading

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Sue can offer you a Soul Reading, which is similar to a Psychic Reading but much more in-depth.

The purpose of a Soul Reading is for healing and spiritual development. You will hopefully have a deeper understanding of your soul self and leave our session feeling inspired.

Psychic Reading

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A Psychic Reading is a great option for people who want to understand their life direction and feel confident in themselves. Sue will connect with your psychic energy and pinpoint certain areas in your life that will give you guidance on your own life path, including: relationships, health, career, and anything relevant in your personal life.

Spiritual Assessment Reading

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A Spiritual Assessment can be a powerful reading for you. Sue will connect with her Spirit Team (Spirit Guides) and see where you are on your Spiritual journey. The direction you are guided to take may be either mediumship, healing, psychic development, trance, physical mediumship, etc. This will help to guide you and enable you to progress confidently on your Soul journey that you intuitively feels right for you. 

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