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Are you imagining it? Spirit is real....

I see, hear, feel Spirit for most of my life. Some of you may have thought to yourself "did I imagine it?" No you did not imagine it. Spirit World is definitely real. I know so as why did I physically see my family who passed into the Spirit World? Why could I talk to them? Why could I hear them? Why could I hear my Spirit Guides? Why could I hear music from the Angels? I even saw my Spirit Guide physically when I was 21 years of age.

I was in a psychic closet for years even though I could communicate with Spirit. It wasn't until I was older that I could not walk away from it, as it kept coming back to me.

Spirit says, "Sue, you have work to do with us to help people. It is time!" I was like no way! "Yes, you will be teaching circles, workshops, courses and also working on the platform." I was self-taught and also in a circle for about 18 months. I started to do readings and then went onto platform in Spiritualist Churches.

Then after a while, Spirit says, "Go and book a venue for an evening of mediumship for the general public". What?! No I can't do that. At least with the churches it was much smaller audiences and since I am partial hearing, this was doable. My husband would occasionally help me out if I couldn't understand them. Spirit says that they would help me. I have never doubted the Spirit World, after all they have been with me all my life. So I trusted Spirit to help me, and they certainly did. The first venue that I did, I booked a small hall that held 60 people, and they all came. God knows where they came from! Next thing Spirit says, "Now book a bigger venue". So I booked a larger hall and 120 people came. From then on, Spirit encouraged me to work all over the Uk and overseas.

If you think you're imagining things, think again. Do you see Spirit out of the corner of your eye? Do you hear things? Do you feel as though someone is watching you? Do you feel someone is behind you? Do you get cold or goosebumps? Has a song randomly come on the radio that is connected to your loved one or you? Do you receive white feathers? There are so many signs that we see. Others may be butterflies, car number plates, numbers, ladybirds, hearts, slogans, etc.. and so much more.

If you think you cannot connect to the Spirit World, you can. Why do I know this? Because we all come from Spirit World. We all are Spirit inside a physical body experiencing life here.

If you do not know where to start, there are some courses below that can help you whether its Learning how to Connect to Spirit? (beginners level or getting back to it), or working on your Soul in the Healing Heart of the Soul Workshop (all levels) to release any blocks, or are you feeling stuck, or simply loss of direction, or to create boundaries, or whatever is needed on the day for you? or join me on the Angels Workshops to connect with your angels (all levels).

I would love you to join me on these inspiring courses. Simply click below

Remember that this is your journey and your mission to enjoy this life.

Have a wonderful day

All my love, Sue x

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