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Children in Heaven.....

Children are here for a short time to be with us, even if they didn't live to be born or if it is only for a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, a few years and even when they get older to adults, they are still children to us through our eyes.

We as a parent have so many hopes and dreams for our child or children. Even when they have been taken from us, we feel them in our hearts. Grief can be like living two lives - one where we feel like wanting to scream in pain and the other one is pretending that everything is okay.

Sometimes we have no words spoken to say Goodbye and the grief is the Love that we feel for them. It is like the light has gone out and there is no sunshine.

Children in Heaven are still carrying on living, learning and progressing in the Spirit World. How do I know? I have done thousands of readings whether it's on a one to one or in a demonstration of mediumship, and it does not get any easier when a child comes through to connect with their parents, or loved ones. It is so wonderful for a child to tell their Mum, Dad, Grandparents, sister, brother, Aunt, Uncle, or a friend that they are okay in Spirit. They come through to be so excited to say Hello and that they lived their life here with you, no matter how long or short it was. They love you unconditionally.

Last week during a demonstration of mediumship, a child who only passed three weeks previously came to communicate to say that he is okay and is with the family in the Spirit World. How wonderful is that?

All our children are miracles. When we lose a loved one it can alter your life forever. Don't be afraid to share the memories of your child or children. Remember you can still laugh or cry as this is part of healing for you.

I hope that you find comfort in these words that has been written. Some words of the song 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' is below. This means so much to me and also to other people. Maybe this song means something to you? Maybe not? Or maybe there is another song that means more to you. but enjoy nevertheless.

All my Love, Sue x

Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high And the dreams that you dream of Once in a lullaby, oh

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly And the dreams that you dream of Dreams really do come true-ooh-ooh Someday I'll wish upon a star Wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Where trouble melts like lemon drops High above the chimney tops that's where

You'll find me, oh

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