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Finding the Spirit within.....

'Before you can touch the Spirit,

You must find it within yourself.'

Part of this quote is one of my favourites from a well-known British medium Gordon Higginson.

This is so true as we must go within ourselves to find the knowledge & wisdom. To be in the silence and stillness helps us to understand more about ourselves. To find it in You. The Love within yourself must be found within oneself.

Before connecting to Spirit, the love and peace inside of you creates the harmony within yourself. This feeling of oneness must be found first in you.

To connect to the Spirit World, it is important to connect to yourself first. Sometimes it can take months/years before connecting to the Spirit World truly.

Finding the time and space to be in the quietness to sit still in the silence will help you, even if it's only 5 or 10 minutes. Taking deep breaths will calm your mind and energy at the same time. Sometimes just to be quiet can help to release any anxiety, stress, negativity, or anything that is bothering you. The more regularly you do this the more it will help you, maybe once a week or everyday it is entirely up to you.

Why are you reading this today? Are you being reminded of this? Are you being gently guided to help your own energy within yourself or finding the Spirit within? Are you struggling to connect to Spirit World or wanting to connecting more to Spirit? Either way it doesn't matter. What is important is yourself.

Enjoy those moments for You.

All my Love, Sue & Spirit x

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