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Hope from Spirit....

A loss of a loved one can change our lives forever, and each one of us have different experiences. Some of us never quite get over it. You just slowly learn to do things and to go on without them.

Even if you cannot see Spirit, they are around you or you can remember the memories which will never fade. How do I know? Because Spirit have shown me that we all carry hope inside of us and that a message from Spirit can give us love, joy and comfort.

One thing that I have learnt from Spirit is that giving a message to others to let them know that their loved ones are okay and well is a big comfort to them. It can be heartbreaking when our loved ones are not here in the physical sense. Whether you see death coming or if it blindsides you, it doesn't make it any easier.

But death is not the end as Spirit never dies, it lives on and on.

I stood before a group on stage at a demonstration in 2019 and I could feel the anticipation with the crowd. Some people in the audience were really expecting something quite specific in their mind, but I always connect to Spirit and see who comes through for someone. I try not to raise people's expectation as I do not even know how the demonstration is going to go at the time. And this is the same for one to one private sittings/readings too.

I always allow Spirit to come to me first and in this particular instance, a father came through who passed by falling to his death off of a crane (a long time ago), and that it was an accident. It was for his daughter and she was a baby when it happened, so she never really knew him, even though her mother always spoke of him and who he was. But the memories he showed me that was with her all her years of growing up, and then her mother came through beside him in Spirit world. She only passed a few weeks prior and they wanted their daughter to know that they had reunited in the Spirit World. Their daughter was over the moon and she cried tears of joy as she was so happy that they were together after all that time.

Another evening of demonstration the year before in 2019, a cousin in his 20's came through for a woman who had committed suicide. He had never been through to a medium before and had passed over 20 years ago. She was shocked as I described him perfectly and recognised that it had to be him. He showed me the memories they had together and even her husband did not know about some of them, she told no-one. Why hadn't he been through before? Even I do not know why but I feel maybe the family were more ready than before to listen, and to be more open to the Spirit World.

Losing children is incredibly hard and some parents never get over it. From experience, I know that parents feel comforted and to know that their child is okay and well with family in the Spirit World. No one is alone when going to the Spirit World. When someone crosses over, there is always someone there - a family member, or someone they know, a pet, or maybe an angel. But they are always safe.

I have brought through many children from the Spirit World. There was one before Christmas time, a little girl gave me her name (not saying to protect family), and how she passed in the car. She wanted to talk to her Mum, but was not there so this was passed on from a friend who knew the mother. She mentioned about that she knew about the glittery sock with her name on it with an angel and a white feather bauble. Her friend had no idea what it was about, so she passed information on. Her friend came back to me and the little girl's mother was over the moon and said it made her Christmas, as she knew that her daughter was with the family. Another friend had gifted her a glittery sock with her daughter's name on it, the angel was handmade and a white feather inside a bauble was given to the mother. How wonderful that the love from the little girl in Spirit brought hope and comfort to her family. It is so delightful.

No matter who comes through from Spirit World, they will give messages to whoever is there or to be passed on. Sometimes it can be an unexpected surprise but a wonderful surprise. Life is so much more than we know. Life is precious. Our loved ones are always watching over us and guiding us that will help us to learn to cope, and get a little stronger and to move forward every day.

All my love, Sue x

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