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Hopes and Dreams....

We all have hopes and dreams! We have the feeling of what we desire and want. We need patience and sometimes we will get there. When we have high expectations it can seem like what we want can never happen. You can visualise them! Believe that you are half way there! It is having the belief and that strong mindset.

Today is New Moon in Aquarius the first day of the month of February. It may seem like the fresh start for some of you now instead of beginning of January 2022. To put the bad days behind you. To be hopeful in situations whether it's bad or good.

Let's make today a fresh start and to bring new opportunities. Ignite your dreams! This is the time to reflect on what you really want or desire. What do you need to let go of? What does not serve you anymore? Is it groups? People? What is restricting you? Who or what is worthy of your energy? Consider where in your life you need to break free. This is the time to be forward thinking and to be bold. Taking charge in your actions.

Time of change! Be Bold! Go forward to take the step for you, even if it's only one step forward. That small step can make a huge difference to you. Even if it is a challenge you can do it. Ignite your power and you will feel empowered.

After all it is your Life......

All my Love, Sue xx

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