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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

New moon solar eclipse in Aries - 19th/20th April ♈️

First eclipse in Aries since 2015 and is kickstarting things off this year, and will continue to unfold until March 2025. A high energy that your sensitivity may be heightened, creativity juices may flow more, increase intuition. Even though high intensive energy gives strength, passion, courage, determination from Aries but be aware of too much can lead to anger, or being too impulsive, or being destructive.

Balancing the inner fire energy from Aries can help to stand up for yourself, leap into doing new things, to find confidence, and also feel guided what needs to be nurtured within that fiery energy. What anger or destruction needs to be balanced? What needs to calm down? This change within helps you to a new state of being. When we have the courage to face our shadow self then change can happen.

Use this powerful energy to set intentions, and opportunities for you. Take that leap of faith but also be gentle on yourself too 💕 When you're in alignment with your purpose, the universe will guide you. A time for new beginnings and maybe for some people, life changing opportunities takes place. Don't let drama or major stuff scare you, use this time to re-evaluate what does not serve you anymore. It is up to you to take that next step and to level up. Major transformation for some people that it is important to find that inner quietness when things go wrong or turbulence in their lives.

What a POWERFUL time! Aries are the leaders and are not afraid. This is a potent and powerful time that to bold and go to do something that you've not done before. Put yourself first and follow your heart. Face your fears. Help yourself to evolve in your life. Expect the unexpected and go within quietly at the same time. Your SOUL is leading you on this transformational journey. Your life is to live it!

All my love, Sue x

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