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September is the start of the Autumn season. A season of change where we see more colours of gold, orange and reds on the leaves on branches of the trees. Sometimes you may find change hard but if you imagine that you have the strength of a tree and to be able to stand tall while the leaves fall off while you grow. Letting go of things within yourself and around you doesn't mean you lose everything and to start over but the values you have are unique to you. Take the first step to let go of the one thing that does not serve you anymore. Make room for other things in your life that you yearn for. Be proud of the vibrant colours that you show along the way of your hard work and success that you have achieved, and what got you where you are today. Remember the past are your lessons that you have learnt from and cannot change but you became stronger for it. It's the experiences and challenges to help you reflect and allow the new branches to take place that enables you to move forward in life. If all the leaves fall off then so be it, and prepare for to wait for the new shoots to appear. Your new ideas and preparation will form, and then the new leaves of different shapes and patterns will appear and grow.

Sometimes you have to learn to adapt with the new environment around you. Summer is now at end of the long days and now September is the start of the nights drawing in earlier. I have noticed how much the light in the days getting shorter. This is a time of re-newness, change and to grow. What could the change be for you? Is it work, people, health, relationships, home? Could be anything.

If this is something that you needed to hear or a nudge, then remember what you let go of will help you to heal within yourself. Even the harvest needs to be cut and to start again, and renew. Look at all the trees in the picture above and see how different they all are. We are all different, different shapes and sizes, different thoughts, if you go slow, or go fast, it is up to you. No one is YOU.

Embrace the change within. After all it is not the destination but to enjoy the journey along the way.

I would love to know if you liked or loved this read.

Have a wonderful day.

All my love, Sue x

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