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Soul Spark - Let's begin....

Let's start the year anew! Your Soul Spark is the small ignition of inspiration that can inspire you to move forward into a new direction, or even big changes.

It certainly is a trying time for the many but you can give yourself some positivity by communicating with yourself and to others.

What inspires you? What are your thoughts? What are your feelings? What excites you? This Soul Spark comes from the deepest part of you. This is what makes you unique. We need these Soul Sparks and listen to your heart what speaks to you. This is what guides you to move your feet forward.

If you do not know what this means, then simply just sit or stand quietly and put your hand onto your heart or to be aware of your heart. Say in your head and feel your heart- 'What does my Soul tell me or need to know today?'. You may perceive an image, or a word, or a feeling. If you don't get anything, maybe write down what comes to you? or even draw or paint some colours or images that comes to you? Even if something doesn't make sense, it will come to you in time. A small step however small can be huge for you.

Share some positivity with others around you. Say how happy you were when someone cooked or wash the dishes for you while you were feeling tired, or making you a cup of tea. Anything that someone did for you - be grateful and tell them as this will create a ripple affect. Positive energy is powerful! Also, be positive about yourself and look in the mirror. What is the one thing you like about yourself? Everything we do in life is a mirror with others in our lives. To bring more positivity in your life however small will help massively to YOU. Then gradually your life will begin to change.

Remember you are your own person and to be yourself is the way forward. Don't compare yourself to others. I love this quote - 'A flower does not think of comparing to another flower, it just blooms'.

Start the year anew for yourself. Honouring YOU is important as you are the Soul to live the way you want to. Look at the picture above at the bird flying high in the sky. Start new as your SOUL speaks to ignite your SPIRIT to shine like the sun and to soar like the bird! Be like the bird in the picture that does not have a care in the world and to be FREE!

Happy New Year to you all.

All my Love, Sue x

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