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Spirits Beside us

Our loved ones are always wanting to communicate with us from the other side. Can loved ones come to be beside us? Do they walk along with us? Do they leave signs around us?

Yes! Our loved ones do! They are always leaving signs around us even though we may not see or notice them.

Sometimes we have a way of just knowing that our loved ones are there, even if you cannot see their footprints. It is a feeling. It is the feeling of their presence.

Sometimes we can smell our loved ones. A certain scent could trigger a memory you have with your loved ones. Perhaps you smell cigarette smoke from a loved one who would smoke when they were here, or you may smell the aroma of your Grandmother's perfume, or Father's aftershave, or even the smell of your loved one's baking in the kitchen.

Sometimes, you may get an overwhelming feeling that you cannot ignore and you just know their are around you. It is a feeling of love, warmth and comfort.

Sensing loved ones around you is also an intuitive thing, similar to when you know someone is in the house or in the room when you get home? It is like their presence is in the atmosphere in your house. Your loved ones are simply just letting you know that they are around.

Music is another way your loved ones can communicate with you. It can be a song that means a lot to you or them, that starts playing on the radio, TV, or even Alexa. It could even be a song that played at their funeral, or when they passed, or yours and their favourite song. The words will mean something to you that is unexplained and they're trying to tell you something. It is like a clue sometimes but with a great meaning.

I very often receive white feathers in odd places, and sometimes they appear in front of me when I need clarity and guidance. Have you received white feathers inside your house anywhere, or on you, or inside your handbag, or outside? They can appear absolutely anywhere!

You may even feel their reassuring touch, like a feeling of a hug, or patting your back or on the head, or beside you in bed, or even sitting on the sofa watching the TV and feeling the warmth on your hand.

Some people see hazes, mist or shadows, and even one that appears fully solid and lifelike. It is completely normal to see this. They are simply showing you that they are there. Also, twinkling lights or colour can be shown too. Even visiting in our dreams too.

People say to me why do I not receive any signs? They probably do but do not realise it.

It can be in the form of a butterfly, real or not. A picture, a heart, clouds, stars, ladybirds, rainbows, coins, birds, flowers, etc.... the list goes on. You can encourage a sign by just simply asking for a message to come in any way. Sometimes, we miss it because we were busy or hoping it will come in a certain way. Try to be open and to be patient is the key.

One thing that all Spirits ask me to tell their loved ones is to 'talk to them' or 'speak out loud' to them. When we think about our lost ones, we send an electro-magnetic energy field out into the universe. Your electro-magnetic field is part of your aura-field within your energy. This energy field is what Spirit can recognise and their energy is pulled to you. So, next time you are missing them or asking for guidance, just try talking to them out loud.

There are many signs from Spirit world showing us how they can communicate with us in many forms. You do not have to be a medium to communicate with the Spirit world.

Simply be open-minded and talk to them. Just know that your loved ones are around even if they are unseen in our world. I know this as they have been a wonderful constant support in my life.

Have a wonderful day!

All my love, Sue x

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