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Spring is here!

It certainly feels like Spring in England today! The sun is shining, feels warmer and brighter. The glorious Camelia showing in the picture is beautiful isn't it? It is from my garden and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the flower in its splendour.

Do you appreciate the beauty in nature? The beauty of nature around is a wondrous thing. I believe that nature is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. No matter where nature is, whether it is in the garden, forest, sea, mountains, or wherever you find nature, it is the calmness and peace it brings. Wherever we see flowers it shows a symbol of hope, new growth and renewal. It brings such positivity to the many even after it dies, as it starts to grow new buds and then little by little it blooms into an openness of love from the light.

Flowers are energy just like us. Nature is part of our lives in our world. Nothing is separate, just like the Spirit World. The Spirit World and our physical world are intertwined and our loved ones never leave us. If you're having a bad day, explore out into nature and breathe. Take one day at a time. Nothing is rushed. Sometimes we need to just to be. To be still and to be present in the moment.

Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings. If you feel like wanting to do something new or reconnect with yourself. I have a One Day Workshop on Saturday 27th April in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. 10-4pm.

Also, in Lincoln on Sunday 16th June. If you wish to join us. It is on the events page on the website.

Or if you wish to hear from your loved ones, there are demonstrations of mediumship in various places.

Have a wonderful weekend!

With Love, Sue x

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