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The Spirit of Christmas....

For me Christmas is a special opportunity to get together with people who I love and care about, and focus on the spiritual aspirations of peace and happiness.

This time of year we miss those who are no longer with us in the physical sense but I know that our loved ones are alongside us from the Spirit World. Feel the comfort that their soul spark lives on. Souls do not die as their light lives on. Remember the wonderful memories that you shared with them. This time of year can be one of the most powerful when you think of them.

While you sit at the table for your Christmas lunch, think of your loved ones as they are always in your hearts. Smile and remember the jokes from the Christmas crackers with them. Feel them sitting beside you and feel their embrace.

The winter solstice this week and the New Moon in Capricorn today to connect with yourself to see where you are in your life right now. What has your Soul come here to do? Jupiter in Aries going into 2023 indicates new beginnings, new ideas, independence and excitement. These coming days now as we wind down to slow, retreat and make time for relaxation. The past may come up for you as there will be more stuff to release but this is okay as we may need to do this in order to move forward.

So lets raise a glass to those we hold dear and from Christmas past. Look for the signs around you as they are close by. Their love is still there for you. Enjoy those moments to share the joy with with this Christmas time and for those who are alone, you are never alone as your loved ones are with you still, right by your side.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and thank you for all those supporting me this year.

with all my love, Sue x

Merry Christmas

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