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Why I can't wear a watch?...Spirit....

I never wear a watch, why? Time on every watch that I wear just stops. Goodness! I have cost my parents a fortune when I was a child. They would buy me a new watch for a birthday or Christmas present. Even my husband too! Even back then I didn't know why my watches would stop.

People would think it was weird that my watches would stop working every time I wear them. Some would probably think that I was clumsy or careless with them but I always looked after them.

Now I know different. It started when Spirit intervened to say that I do not need to wear a watch. As a human we are made up of energy. I may have had abnormal high levels of electricity or magnetism in my body. We all have our own personal magnetic field.

It wasn't just watches that stop time, but also some electricity appliances would go wrong as well! I have lost count of light bulbs that have been bought for every household I lived in. Even my parents' mini organ broke and started to smoke after I played it.

Now I do meditations or just to sit quietly with slow breathing techniques to help to control it.

Time is important to us all. In the Spirit World it is irrelevant as there is no time limit. Spirit are always reminding us that time is for us to slow down, to appreciate what we do, what we have in our lives and to re-connect within ourselves. Spirit want you to be more free in everything you do. Sometimes you may feel pressured about getting somewhere on time or to get things done on time. If you free yourself from limitations, can you imagine how your life would be different with the choices that you make?

I just love how the Spirit World help me with my life as they are forever supporting me, guiding me on my path. So for what ever reason I am here, I will embrace the life that I have chosen. If you find yourself or someone worrying about time or feel like everything is a rush or to do things quickly? Just stop and think for a moment. After all Spirit are always with me, and I am forever grateful and thankful that Spirit are part of it. Take the time you need.......

All my love,

Sue x

If you wish to join me for meditation for time for you, then simply just click below

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