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Crystals are a fantastic way to represent the energy centres in the body. 

Amethyst - promotes spiritual insight & attract divine guidance. Helps with headaches, clarity, awareness, healing. Enhances your imagination & intuitive power. An allround stone of spiritual healing & enlightment.

Lapis Lazuli - Enhances intuition, spiritual awareness, spiritual connections & encourages clarity. Stimulates higher levels of the mind & ability to think & make decisions.

Blue Chalcedony - a rare blue stone which promotes to help one communicate their truest thoughts & ideas. Enhances to express yourself more & speak up for yourself. Helps to engage in difficult situations such as interviews, public speeches, etc. Be your voice.

Rose Quartz - promotes love, joy, emotional healing, peace, calmness. Helps high blood pressure, heal relationships problems, inspire an attitude of compassion & kindness.

Citrine - promotes positive energy, confidence & self-esteem. Atrracts abundance, manifestation, wealth & prosperity. Helps to be in control of your life.

Red Jasper -promotes stability, courage, strength, stamina, confidence, self-trust. Helps balance aggression & brings problems to light. Brings calmness & relaxation.

Hematite - a strong stone that provides a sense of safety & security. Strengthens conenction with the earth. Helps to balance the body and remove negativity.

7 Crystals 7 Chakras Pack (blue organza bag)

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