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Blue Glass Obsidian - a rare stone that helps to live a brighter life. To help one to rise their own power. Strenghtens communication & connection with our dreams.

New Jade - new beginnings, good luck, good friendships. Brings insightful dreams. 

Snow Quartz - encourages to bring alignment & harmony. Heighten your intuition, gives clarity & sharpness of the mind.  

Moonstone - a stone of magic & visionary. Promotes inspiration, success & good fortune. Brings balance, hope & love.

Citrine - promotes positive energy, confidence & self-esteem. Atrracts abundance, manifestation, wealth & prosperity. Helps to be in control of your life.

Rose Quartz - promotes love, joy, emotional healing, peace, calmness. Helps high blood pressure, heal relationships problems, inspire an attitude of compassion & kindness.

Hope, dreams & luck Crystals Pack

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