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This Revitalise & Go Pack is designed to help you to feel more energised and to keep you going for the day!

Bloodstone - stimulates mental activity & enhances motivation. Reduces irritability, aggression & impatience. Helps in difficult situations.

Green Aventurine - renews one's optimism for life & pushes to take action. Helps to dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle.

Tiger's Eye - promotes vitality, courage, boldness. Brings balance. Helps you to overcome any obstacles. 

Sodalite - enhances self-trust. self-belief, self-acceptance. Brings order & calmness to the mind.

Red Jasper - Promotes strength & stamina. 

Citrine - promotes positive energy, confidence & self-esteem. Atrracts abundance, manifestation, wealth & prosperity. Helps to be in control of your life.

Revitalise & Go Crystal Pack

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