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Sue Hind

International Spiritual Medium & Teacher

Meet Sue Hind

International Spiritual Medium & Teacher

Hi everyone, Sue Hind is a  Spiritualist Medium based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. She is also a Spiritual teacher and healer, where she channels energies to give lasting and effective results specific to your needs. She has worked as a professional medium since 2011. 


Sue's background has been somewhat unusual as she is partially hearing due to her mother having German measles. However, this has not stopped Sue from doing her work as her deafness actually enhances my intuition, helping her to develop her own unique gifts and talents. She would see her family members in the Spirit World since the age of 5.

Sue began her journey with Reiki and holistic treatments in a day Spa in Northern Ireland which then led her to own a Beauty and Holistic business in her own home in Norfolk, Uk, which gave her new insights and led to more spiritual endeavours. Sue has been a Reiki Master since 2008 alongside Crystal and Angel Healing. Sue qualified doing Soul work in 2010 including Crystal Soul Healing, Esoteric healing, EIP (Energy Interference Patterns of the DNA), Angel Healing.

Since returning to England in 2008, Sue heard from Spirit that she had work to do with Spirit World for other people. 


Sue enjoys working with Spirit because as she loves helping people from all walks of life. She does not judge anyone as we all have lessons to learn in life, and we all have the ability to heal ourselves. When we do things for the Soul, it feeds the fire within. 

Now Sue currently gives sittings, readings, Soul work, life-coaching and teaches on a one to one basis in her own home either in person, or online via video call on any social platform. She also demonstrates mediumship on a public platform on stage, and teaches courses, workshops, seminars, and retreats widely in the UK and internationally all over the world. 

Sue is a natural medium and is very passionate and loves working with the Spirit World, Sue has trained extensively at the world-famous and renowned prestigious Arthur Findlay College. Sue has also trained with some of the finest mediums worldwide and is a certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union in demonstrating, speaking and teaching. 

Meet Sue


“If you feel the need for a private spiritual reading then I would highly recommend Sue Hind. From the moment I met Sue I found her to be very friendly and the ability to make me feel at ease. I was overwhelmed by the evidence given by Sue, it was accurate in all areas. Thank you so much Sue."

— Sue Thorn, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

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