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Christmas - is it the most wonderful time year?...

Christmas is meant to be a time for celebration as we wish each other a 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Christmas'. But for some people it is a painful reminder of a loved one that has passed on or cannot be with family or friends because they are unwell and have to spend Christmas in hospital, or in a care home, or even alone to isolate.

It is a struggle when we feel alone especially the first Christmas without our loved ones. If you do find this strange by putting up a Christmas tree or decorations, why not just do something a bit different like putting some lights around the fireplace or the hearth with some photographs of your loved ones. Take one step at a time. Then as the years come by, it will become easier to love the season again that bit more. Celebrate Christmas the way you want to. It can never be easy and to create a new routine will help.

The photo of the twinkling star ball looks magical at the Luminate at Sandringham, Norfolk. This reminds me that when we look at the beautiful dark night full of stars that shines like diamonds. I always think of my loved ones looking at the sparkling stars above and that all of us are not alone in this world.

Talk about your loved ones to others - Light a candle, say the names, bring the people in the room. This gives people permission to share and to celebrate the joy but with the support. Create new traditions to create for moving forward even if it's for yourself or with family.

Remember you are not alone, your loved ones in the Spirit World are guiding you and forever supporting you. The Love that you had before is still there between you now. Love Never Dies x

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and sharing my heart to yours for the coming year

All my Love, Sue x

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