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Welcome to 2024!

As 2024 has already begun, I am reaching out to you with an opportunity to wish you all a peaceful, healthy and happy new year.

As we enter the new year, some of us think about new year resolutions, so here are some tips in how to make them stick. Make small goals, be realistic, make a plan, be positive. If you find it hard to make a plan or small goals - write them down and put them where you can see them to remind you. Also, write down positive affirmations and say them. It can help to make the changes and help to improve our lives.

The soul knows the way. Your soul is the compass that helps to navigate on your pathway. Just feel it in your heart and see what you feel and what comes.

On another note, we all have had a loss in our lives whether it is family or a friend. This may be your first year without them, or it's been many years. It doesn't matter how long or short, it is important to honour your feelings. Some of us feel the pain that seems to last for a while but while we never forget them or get over them, we can learn to live with it. One day at a time. We can say Happy New Year to our loved ones in heaven too and they're watching over us. It may be your darkest time but you can find ways to keep their memories alive, maybe plant a tree, or plant flowers, or light a candle, or volunteer your time for a special cause, or whatever you want to do in their memory. A New Year can bring renewed hope for a better tomorrow. Time has a way of healing today's pain and suffering. Wishing you this new year with renewed hope, renewed joy, and new beginnings.

A heartfelt Thank you and appreciation for all your support over the last year and many years. It has been so wonderful to be able to spread the messages with love from loved ones from the Spirit World in person. Whether you have received a message or not during a show or in a spiritual church, you may feel spirit in the room or a message has meant something to you. Your loved ones are okay in the spiritual realm.

I am looking forward to the 'Soul Retreat' 15-19th January 2024. This is a chance to reset for ourselves for the year ahead. This is not a mediumship course but a few days to reconnect with yourself. Let's share this fresh start with each other. If you wish to come along, just contact me on the contact page.

Looking forward to seeing you all this year soon with love & gratitude

All my love, Sue x

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Happy New Year x

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