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Magic is in the air......

A time of transformation and change of events. The Full Moon in Aries on the 20th October 2021 event is about clearing up miscommunications and feeling passion. If things in your life has been a bit slow on the uptake, or not going as well, or feeling stuck - then it' all about regaining focus and going forward in what you need to do.

The sign of Aries is a very bold one. The last few months of reflection with the planets in retrograde which probably felt like groundhog day for you. The planets are now in direct motion that propels us to go forward to implement with new ideas, new processes and habits to start a new cycle. Clear your space, either smudging with sage, relax in a cleansing bath with epsom bath salts, write down what you feel or your ideas, or do what feels right for you.

The planet Jupiter helps to shed those belief patterns with expansion as it is direct now and wants you to reach to your fullest potential. Fly like the butterfly you are and spread your wings. Believe in yourself.

Even if letting go of the past hurts and emotions can help you in order for you to go forward will help you, no matter what it is.

Remember you are capable of anything. Embrace the energy of this Full Moon and connect to your deepest desire or level. Embrace the magic of this beautiful energy! You are powerful and be who you are within your Soul. Feel this energy to be free and rise up!

All my Love, Sue x

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