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'Our own weirdness'

As we move into September it is a time to embrace the new and exciting chapter for the many. Our own weirdness can sometimes make us seem different to others around us but to be true to be who we are, our own unique abilities enables us to be ourselves and to help to provide the world a better place.

If we don't honour ourselves to do what we want, when we want, then how can you be you?

Some of you may like your own space away from family and friends, and this is totally ok. Or you might prefer to be loud and proud. Showing your own weirdness is something that you show others. Don't be afraid to do this for yourself.

Being your authentic self is so gratifying.

Let your light shine and people will love you for you. If they don't like you then so be it, it's not your problem. You are your top priority.

Moving into the Autumn is a time for renewal and to let go. Go outside to rejuvenate. Listen to the wind of Spirit. Feel the earth's heartbeat beneath your feet. Look up to the sky for inspiration. Appreciate the wonders around you.

A message from Spirit - 'You are the Light. You are the messenger of the Light. You are the bright sunlight that shines. Honour yourself and let YOU shine'

All my Love, Sue x

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