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Intuition is real....

Yes! Intuition is real. Why? We all have that feeling when we know something is wrong or something feels right. How does this work?

We are all made up of energy. Energy is something that we cannot see.

Our mind just recognise, acknowledge and process things that we do in our daily lives. Our intuition is when we feel in our gut that we know it is to be true. Our intuition gives us the capacity to pick up the energy of things, to feel what our gut tells us, and to trust what comes.

Developing your connection to Spirit will enhance you and to help you to navigate in life. Every time we connect to Spirit, the muscle within the mind evolves and enhances. Opening up to your Spirit as well as connecting to the Spirit World is a world of possibilities and magic. When we open up to Spirit World, our world changes. Some of you may not always see but feel the presence of Spirit World which can be very subtle. Our intuition is our guide, the Spirit World gives guidance too.

The Spirit World is much closer than you think. Our family and friends are around us and they are with us as we celebrate our lives.

Everyone is intuitive. Anyone can connect with the Spirit World. Mediumship is natural. There is joy, happiness and excitement when we communicate with the Spirit World. You nothing to fear. You have intuition which is a very powerful inner knowing.

A beginner's one day workshop can help you to open up to discover your potential. A wonderful day to explore, feel and connect to the Spirit World. The link is below if you wish to join me and to book a place.

All my love, Sue x

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